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Tidal Wave

The friendliest tidal wave you’ll ever meet.

Some tidal waves aren’t in such a rush. This relaxed pace, two-route body slide complex will give you all the whooshy fun of a classic, open-slide water run through the trees, without feeling like you’ve been tossed into the middle of a hurricane. Just lie on your back and let one of these two wide-turning, not too steep floodways whisk you down the hill with light-hearted ease. You’ll coast through a forest of trees without a care in the world. That carefree spirit is the secret to all great water slides, no matter what speed you’re going.

One of the Tidal Wave’s best features doesn’t start until the ride ends. At the end of your run, you’re dropped right into the Little Hooch River. What better time to take a break on that lazy river, now that your “work” is done. And suddenly, a tidal wave becomes a very mellow ripple.

By The Numbers

25 feet
1 minute

Closed for the Season

Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Slippery Ridge

Need a Swimsuit
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