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Lizards Tail

Lizard’s Tail

Short is definitely sweet.

This junior-scale two-slide pair are like the little brothers of the massive Dragon’s Tail slides. If you feel like being the dragon slayer but you need more training time to build up the courage, these amphibians come in a much more manageable size.

Lizard’s Tail follows the same format as its older brother. An open, narrow channel will deliver you downhill in a speedy, slippy blast to the pool. A couple of bumps along your trail will give your body something to grab onto, and gently bounce off of as you feel a fun taste of airtime, even on junior sized hills. The shorter overall length will prevent any little lizards from accumulating too much speed for comfort, but the ride will still be quite exhilarating for younger sliders, or “speed-sensitive” sliders of any age. These rowdy little racetracks will whip you into Wildwater Lagoon with the flick of a tail.

By The Numbers

25 feet
20 seconds
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Wildwater Lagoon

Need a Swimsuit
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