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Attractions by Height

Don’t wait until you get to the park. Check our attraction height requirements ahead of time!

Name of Attraction Description Minimum Heightsort descending Additional Info
Tommy G. Robertson Railroad

Tour the park on an authentic 25-ton steam engine.    


Find out why the Ferris wheel is an enduring classic. 

Hook’s Lagoon Closed for the Season

Little explorers enjoy countless climbing and splashing fun on this tropical island tree house.

None Adult must be accompanying child
Daffy Duck Stars on Parade

Daffy invites you to swing through the air on this smaller-scale spinning chair lift.

None 54" maximum
Hurricane Bay Closed for the Season

A huge 30,000-square-foot wave pool makes king-sized currents at the base of a volcano.

Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots

High-flying adventure awaits pilots-in-training as their propeller planes lift off for a circular tour!

None 54" maximum
Gulley Washer Creek Closed for the Season

Take a relaxing and scenic 1,100-foot raft cruise down a lazy river.

Marvin the Martian Camp Invasion

Marvin the Martian leads an up-in-the-air rocket ride for tiny astronauts.

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Tweety Twee House

Jiggle till you giggle on this bouncy tower lift for little kids and big cats!

None with adult 36" to ride alone

THE JOKER mocks you as you set sail on a gut-whooshing swinging ship designed to put a smile on your face.

None with adult 42" to ride alone
Elmer Fudd Weather Balloons

Little aviators whirl through the sky on Elmer Fudd’s revolving weather balloons.

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Moon Antique Cars

Take a relaxing drive in a classic turn-of-the-last century motor car!

None with adult 42" to ride alone
Yosemite Sam Tugboat Tailspin

This gushing geyser will make you zig and zag across wobbly waters.

None with adult 42" to ride alone
Foghorn Leghorn National Park Railway

All aboard for a leisurely tour through the trees on a train sized for junior conductors!

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Grand Ole Carousel Closed for the Season

Step back in time and choose your horse on this restored classic carousel.

None with adult 42" to ride alone
Bugs Bunny National Park Train Station

Take a relaxing tour of downtown Six Flags on a beautiful, working steam locomotive.

None with adult 36" to ride alone
Log Flume Closed for the Season

Make a splash on this flume ride down a mountain river, with breathtaking views and heart-pumping drops!

None with adult 42" to ride alone
Taz Twisters

Taz is your host on this teacup-style spin-a-rama. The more you twist, the harder you spin!

36" 52" maximum
Thunder River Closed for the Season

Ride the ultimate white water rafting experience!

36" with adult 42" to ride alone
Big Kahuna Closed for the Season

It takes teamwork to pilot family-sized rafts down six stories of wide and curvy rapids!

36" with adult 42" to ride alone
Tsunami Soaker Closed for the Season

Tsunami Soaker allows riders to spray each other while turning and spinning in a circle.

36" with adult 48" to ride alone

You’ll be spinning faster than lightning on Shazam’s delightfully disorienting classic scrambler.

36" with adult 48" to ride alone.
Wahoo Racer Closed for the Season

Your super slick mat is built for speed racing, on a six-lane downhill fast-track to fun!

River King Mine Train

The brakes are off on this fast-paced family mine car adventure, Six Flags St. Louis’ first coaster.

Screamin’ Eagle

This iconic wooden masterpiece delivers awe and inspiration with its 10-story drops and 62 mph thrills.

Hook's Lagoon - Tree House Slides Closed for the Season

Slides at the back of Hook’s giant tree house provide major thrills for junior pirates.

42" Over 54" must be accompanying child
Bugs Bunny Fort Fun Temporarily Closed

A fun treehouse for kids and adults to play in. 

42" for slides Under 40" w/person 54". Max 54".

Spin endless 360s as you hurtle through the air. 

42" with adult 47" to ride alone
Dragon's Wing

Plummet 15 stories through the air at 60 mph for the ultimate skydiving experience! Additional fee required.

42" with adult 48" to ride alone
JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis

An all-new 4D interactive dark ride. 

42" with adult 48" to ride alone

Dangle from a startlingly tall 23-story tall tower in a 43 mph spin around the top of the world.

44" with adult 48" to ride alone

Hold on tight! Spinsanity has officially whirled into the park.

Tube Slides Closed for the Season

Race down from five stories on 400-foot-long tube slides!

Typhoon Twister Closed for the Season

A two-in-one hybrid, zero-gravity slide complex.

SUPERMAN Tower of Power

Dare to freefall from a drop tower which looms a staggering 230 feet in the sky.

American Thunder

Classic wooden architecture meets cutting edge engineering to deliver spectacular 50 mph drops!


Giant spinning thrill ride.


Be pulled back, then sent soaring across a twisted track at amazing speeds!

Bonzai Pipeline Closed for the Season

The launch tube has a trapdoor that opens, sending you six-stories at 40-mph!

Tornado Closed for the Season

Raft down a 132-foot tunnel into the mouth of a gigantic funnel!

Fireball Experience revolutions and incredible weightlessness on our looping thrill ride. 48"
The Boss

A large and in charge, terrain roller coaster


Master the art of looping on this super-coaster's butterfly 360s, sidewinder loop, and double corkscrew.

Pirate Ship Slides Closed for the Season

This kid-sized pirate ship has junior slides leading to a shallow water splash.

48" maximum.

Spin back to the rowdy, rebellious days of King Arthur’s Round Table.

MR. FREEZE: Reverse Blast

Freeze your fear with shocking acceleration, two inversions, and a 21-story spike freefall—backwards!

BATMAN: The Ride

The masked superhero takes you on a menacing ride of relentless loops and twists over the streets of GOTHAM.