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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California

Dining Pass Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a Dining Pass 

I'm not a Season Pass Holder. Can I buy a Season Dining Pass?

Not at this time. Only Season Pass Holders and Members may buy Season Dining Passes.

How do I purchase a Season Dining Pass?

There are two ways to purchase the pass—online or at the park. At the park, you can purchase Dining Passes at the ticket booths outside the entry gates or at Member Services.

About Season Dining Passes 

How does the Dining Pass program work?

A Dining Pass allows Six Flags Season Pass Holders and Members to eat at the park every time they visit — all for just one upfront payment. Each meal comes with one of several entrees ranging from cheeseburger and fries to hearty salads to pulled pork sandwiches and pizza.

If you expect to visit the park at least four times, a Dining Pass is a tremendous value — now at a price that makes it as impossible to resist as our food!

What kind of entrees and snacks are available with the Dining Pass?

A wide variety of meals are included with the Dining Pass. View a full list of meals, snacks and locations online.

View Dining Pass Brochure


Where can I find a printable list of restaurants, entrees and snacks?

You may download a list of restaurants, meals and snacks below.

Download Dining Pass Brochre

What is a Season Dining Pass?

The Six Flags Season Dining Pass is a Season Pass add-on that allows you to pay one price upfront to receive lunch and dinner at the park every time you visit for an entire season. Each Six Flags park participating in the program offers a variety of different meals which may be picked up from any of several different in-park restaurants.

You're not going to cut me off if I visit 50 times?

Nope. Whether you use your Season Dining Pass five times or fifty times is totally up to you. We are glad to have you visit as many times as you want!

Is the Deluxe Season Dining Pass a good value for me?

It really depends on how often you visit the park and whether or not you like to eat one or more meals each time you visit. On average, we've found that the Deluxe Season Dining Pass is a great value for anyone who uses the park to visit at least four times over the course of the season. The overall feedback we have received from guests who used the program last year is that they saved a lot of money compared to what they spent at the park before they got a dining pass. Individual results will vary.

What are the different levels of the Six Flags Dining Pass?

There are three types of dining pass:

  • Basic Dining Pass provides you with lunch and a snack every time you visit your home park.
  • Deluxe Dining Pass provides all of the features of the Basic Dining Pass, but also includes dinner.
  • Premium Dining Pass provides you with all of the features of a Deluxe Dining Pass, but you'll also receive a Six Flags Drink Bottle you can use to receive unlimited soft drinks, plus you can now use your benefits at ANY Six Flags theme park.

Using Your Dining Pass 

What times can I use my Dining Pass?

Six Flags Magic Mountain Meal Times   

Lunch: 11:30am - 3:30pm
Dinner: 4:30pm - 7:30pm
Snack: 11:30am - 7:30pm


Six Flags Hurricane Harbor LA Meal Times

Lunch: 11:30am - 3:00pm
Dinner: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Snack: 11:30am - 6:00pm


*Times subject to change due to park or individual location operating hours.


Can anyone use my Dining Pass Voucher?

No, vouchers are non-transferable. The dining pass is only available to the Pass Holder/Member who purchased the Season Dining Pass.

Which park restaurants accept the Dining Pass?

Your Dining Pass is valid for a variety of meals at restaurants located all over the park. View a list of locations online.

View Dining Pass Locations


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