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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California


A Slithering Serpent with Serious Bite!

Since it was built Viper has been one of the tallest and fastest looping roller coasters in the world. Just looking at Viper’s collection of loops from the ground will boggle the mind, but there’s only one way to truly appreciate the extreme intensity of a vertical loop, and that’s to ride it!

An enormous structure, made of red and white steel, this metal snake rises to 188 feet and slithers down the track at 70 miles per hour.  The first drop is 171 feet, but you are about to head into a series of insane loops—seven in all! It’s nearly non-stop loop action as you zing around in circles one after another. The tallest vertical loop you’ll face is 14 stories high. Your serpent-like green train whips its tail through the loopy course so fast you’ll forget which way is down.

Coiling track, corkscrews and zig zags connect you to the incredible boomerang (or “batwing”) loop, and by this time you should probably be getting comfortable with flying through the sky, upside down, at top speeds, like a giant snake … or maybe not.  

Face your fears and experience the world’s greatest thrills, with the lights off! Viper will run without track lights, bringing a new dimension to nighttime thrills.

Take on the dark coils of Viper and experience an amazing seven head-over-heels inversions. It’s a Viper’s nest of fun. Minimum height requirement is 54″.

After school late one afternoon, a group of kids decided to take the scenic route home. All of their parents had warned them time and again to stay away from the empty lot. Living in the desert, the dry and arid land was the natural habitat of many species of snakes. And the empty lot outside of town was no exception.

The group sauntered through the lot, joking around and playing catch, unaware of the setting sun and the danger that was all around them. As the sky darkened, the bushes in the lot began to rustle, yet there was no wind. The air began to fill with a burning, sulphur smell. Starting to become uneasy, the group realized it was time to head home. It was too late. Before they could scream, the giant pit vipers had surrounded them and latched on to their fragile bodies. They swung around and tried to free themselves from the fanged grip, but to no avail. The vipers had claimed the innocence of another group and replaced it with fear.

The lights are out tonight, do you have what it takes to face Viper at night?

By The Numbers

Top Speed
70 mph
3,830 feet
Arrow Dynamics, Inc.
Key Features
Capacity: 28 riders
Viper at Night
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Baja Ridge


Goes Upside Down
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