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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California


Too Fast to be Called a Roller Coaster.

Sometimes the term “roller coaster” just doesn’t cover it.  Goliath is so fast they call this metal monster a “hypercoaster,” and within seconds you’ll know why. Hike in through the stony ruins of an ancient civilization – a time when great mythical beasts like the Goliath were feared. You may not find it so mythical as you’re getting dragged up that impossibly tall first hill, lifting you higher and higher. About halfway up this ridiculous height, even the toughest riders realize there’s no way out except to battle the beast. When you crest the top of that first hill, wave to the legendary Twisted Colossus – way down below you.

And now onto serious business - a staggering 255 foot drop which you’ll take at 85 mph, making this one of the longest and fastest drops in the world. But wait a second, isn’t this ride only 235 feet tall? That’s right, the first drop takes you down below the dirt into a dark underground tunnel! Goliath then serves up another quick drop of 185 feet.

As you shoot up and over the next hill, enjoy a moment of pure weightlessness, taking some serious airtime before gravity yanks you down into your chair. Prepare to repeat this experience several more times as a series of drops and rises wreak havoc with your sense of gravity.

Speaking of gravity, brace yourself for the unbelievable second half of this journey into steel madness. It’s pure twister territory, twisting sideways, hugging the ground, and then diving into a helix you’ll take in excess of 4.5 G’s. When you pull back into the station, this can’t-miss speed monster will have basically contorted your cheeks into a huge perma-grin. Don’t worry, it’ll wear off the next time you face Goliath.

Face your fears with the lights off! Your favorite thrills in the dark on Goliath.

The monster of coasters is now in the dark! Towering 255 feet above earth, this massive steel superstructure hits speeds of 85 mph, making it one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters around. Enjoy a 3-minute, high-speed adventure over 4,500 feet of steel track. Minimum height requirement is 48″.

A secret toxic dump right behind the ride is producing rodents that crave human flesh. Rare. A bowl of shiny eyeballs to pop in their throats, like olives. Soup made from the blood and fluids of thrill-seekers.

Right behind the park — just behind Goliath — is a secret toxic dump. It’s a massive superfund site filled with decay and it gives off a smell that attracts only the most foul and disgusting creatures. It’s a place where corrupt businesses dump the toxic waste that they hide from the government.

Creatures, both domestic and wild, visit at night and feast on the refuse they find there. The best pickings are found in the crisp nights of autumn.

Snack time changes these creatures beyond recognition. They become aggressive and unafraid of humans. Their eyes develop weeping sores that burn, as they stretch a dripping paw toward the sweetest part they can find. Bits of flesh and hair can be seen, caught between their long and flaking claws. Teeth shoot into fangs, while their drooling tongues wipe the slime from their smirking lips.

And, still, they’re hungry.

Hired security patrols the park at night. They’ve reported seeing creatures, of some sort, but these crass creatures are so quick and so secretive, who can be sure?

The beasts hunt in packs, trapping their helpless prey in the shadows. They congregate on the edges of the forest behind Buccaneer, the better to check out the crowd. Brazenly, they attack riders at the depths of this ride’s descent. Then, bellies still not full, they continue their snacking – long after the vile forces of darkness turn into tenuous morning.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
85 mph
26 stories
4,500 feet
February 1, 2000
Key Features
Capacity: 30 riders
Goliath in the Dark
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Goliath Plaza


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