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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California
Gold Rusher

Gold Rusher

Golden Thrills on a California Classic.

Travel back to the days of the California gold rush, when brave prospectors traveled deep into the mountains looking for those elusive golden nuggets. You’ll dive into an old mining car for this crazy ride through the treacherous hills of the frontier. Gold Rusher was the very first roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and this rip roarin’ ride is as fun today as it was the day it opened.

The first lift cranks you up 70 feet in the air, and then plummets you down a classic California course straight into wilderness. Head deep into the mines towards unexplored territory as your runaway mine car bolts down a fast and smooth flow of snaking turns. 

Then this classic ride hugs the hills like a pro. You’ll feel like you’re going right along the ground and straight through as you open a flow of slopes and falls. It all builds to a classic 540-degree spiral corkscrew drop that’ll leave you breathless, yet thirsty for more.  Just like life on the frontier.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
35 mph
2,590 feet
May 1971
Arrow Dynamics, Inc., Clearfield, Utah
Thrill Level

Minimum Height


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