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Plan Your Visit

Welcome to La Ronde. Here you will find all of the necessary information for planning your visit. Please visit our Park Hours page to check park hours before your visit.

Hotel Room

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We welcome guests with special needs and we want to make their visit a comfortable and memorable one. Guests with disabilities who require the assistance of a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) in order to enjoy equal access to the park may request that La Ronde will waive the cost of admission for their PCA. After you purchase your tickets, please visit Guest Relations and ask any of our Hosts or Hostesses for a "PCA Reasonable Accommodation Request Form."”


For a day at La Ronde is happening in the calm and happiness, here are some rules to follow ...

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Have a question or comment? Send us a message, call us or leave us a note.


You can visit us either by using public transportation or by car.

We know you have questions about La Ronde, and we love answering them! Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

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Our team is available to answer questions, offer advice and hear your suggestions. Learn more or contact us

Lost and Found at Six Flags

Lose an item at the park? If someone found it, we will do our best to help get it back to you!

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Looking for something? View or download our park map and get a preview of your day at the park!

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Lockers, lost children, wheelchairs, ride height check, lost & found, strollers, breastfeeding room, parking, bathrooms, ect.


You can visit us either by using public transportation or by car.

Six Flags team members work to ensure a fun, safe experience for all of our guests.

Please review the policies the park has in place to ensure that you have fun and safe experience.

Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently on the Season Dining Pass.

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