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Healthy Options - Salad

Mediterranean Dishes

This cuisine is exotic as well as healthy!

Have you ever wished you could enjoy the incredible delights of Mediterranean cuisine without leaving La Ronde? Now you can! For thousands of years Mediterranean food has been considered one of the most healthy and exotic world, and it is part of the tradition of the countries that are rocked by the wind of the Mediterranean sea. 

Taste the traditional Lebanese cuisine with rich and spicy aromas, shawarma kebabs with roasted fatouche bread and spicy potatoes with creamy hummus. It is important that you also try a falafel platter. This dish, which is one of the most popular Mediterranean cuisine, is made of fried chickpeas. In some parts of the world, falafels are more popular than cheeseburgers!


Dining Pass Accepted
Indoor Seating Available
Has Healthy Dining Options
Meal Vouchers Accepted
Season Drink Bottles Accepted
Stroller Friendly
Alcohol Served


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