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Toboggan Nordique

Get a chilly breeze while sliding on a snowy mountain

Ready to hit the slopes? Meet up with other nordic explorers aboard the Toboggan Nordique. You will get your fix for thrill in this classic steel ride that will lead you through a large flat section of upper track consisting of multiple 180° switchbacks with a few drops.

Each small car can carry up to 4 people and will make you feel safe while you hit the slopes! This ride is a great start for those young thrill seekers that might not be ready for Goliath yet. Choose the country you will cheer for between our colorful cars from Jamaica, Canada, Italy and the United States of America!

The architecture oh this Wild Mouse type of ride is well known for its many slopes that will remind you of your favorite ski-resort.Hold on tight because you might feel a little scared!

Laughs and fun guaranteed!

Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

106.7 cm (42") with adult
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