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Pile into the big boat and try to catch your breath while we crank you up notch by notch, higher than the trees. Brace yourself for what’s coming next — an ultra-steep drop down a 50-foot waterfall at 30 miles per hour, straight into the 250,000 gallon lagoon below you. Don’t get too comfortable on the brief river flume, because any second now you’ll plunge headfirst all the way down into that huge pool of water. Be brave like a captain because down you go! And suddenly you’re not just riding the wave, you are the wave! When your boat hits the water, the massive Splash is as tall as the sky. It roars over the boat in a tower of spray, and you better believe the water’s so high it will drench you and everything in sight, including the spectators watching from the pedestrian bridge. Several world-class sailors have tried to confront the Splash in the past. Will you be ready to face this wave?


Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

106.7 cm (42")

Flash Pass

Will Get a Little Wet

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