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Sling Shot

No need for a rocket to be catapulted into space!

The Sling Shot is a ride that is both simple and terrifying on which you almost become a human sized pebble thrown into the air attatched to a giant elastic band. Once you have managed to grasp this concept, get ready to enjoy a unique and terrifying experience combining the best of two worlds: a launch at high speed immediately followed by an epic tailspin.

Look carefully at the two huge steel spearheads that hold the flexible cable. This is only the beginning, because if you know how the slingshot works, you know what will soon be catapulted: yourself in the present case, very, very high in the sky!

Once the passengers are attached with harness the giant elastic cable stretches and pulls the car back as if an invisible hand was operating a slingshot. Suddenly, the car is released and launched like a ball straight up to a height of 75 meters. This is what we can call impressive height!

As we know, what goes up must come down, as your boat will plunge in free fall at a 90 degree angle! Boing, boing, you will feel the spring effect when your boat will bounce up and down. Now you know how it feels to be a giant toy!

Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

111.8 cm (44")

Additional Fee Required

Goes Upside Down
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