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Marais Enchanté

This cruise doesn’t need water to make you feel wavy!

Line up at the station to board the green little barge that’s got lots of wacky and not a lot of steady. The Marais Enchanté will take you on a dizzy-making swirl! It’s a boat that not only floats, it swivels and twists and scoots across the waves! Hang on very tight for this fast-paced wobbly twister, perfect for smaller adventurers who are ready to take on some faster moving rides. As it swiftly slides up and down, it also spins around, producing a very woozy trip. If your little ones can handle some slightly rougher currents, they’ll feel like a master of the waves after this wild, unpredictable coast.

Kids Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult
Location in Park: 

Pays de Ribambelle

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