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La Grande Envolée

Chase the clouds aboard your own hot air balloon!

Climb into one of Ribambelle's colorful striped balloon baskets and get ready to lift into the air on this mild hot air balloon ride over the peaceful skies of Ribambelle's Land. Gather up your younger adventurers and pick out your favorite colored balloon. Then it’s 3-2-1-liftoff. The balloons drift up into the air and start to spin around the center. Your personal hot air balloon circles, floating up and around. You can simply look over the edge of your basket to enjoy a view of the kid-friendly neighborhood on your mellow flight, or your little daredevils can take fun to new heights by grabbing the center disk and spinning it to make the balloon rotate wildly around.

By The Numbers

A. Zamperla S.R.I.
Year introduced:
35,5 feet
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

91.4 cm (36")
Maximum 1 adult per child
Location in Park: 

Pays de Ribambelle

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