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Grande Roue

A classic old fashioned Ferris wheel with whole new heights!

No matter how many times you have visited La Ronde or how many rollercoasters you tried, there will always be a very special place in your heart for this ride, the Ferris wheel.

This timeless ride will take you back in time where your childhood souvenirs might live! This large majestic Ferris wheel goes up to 45 meters high and will move you up through the air to reach the top.

Choose from one of our vintage gondolas and get on board with your friends and family. Since 1984, the Ferris wheel has welcomed many generations. It does not matter how old you might be, this ride is a must among our park! Ever dreamed of flying? This is your chance to fly above the trees and admire the view.

At night, the show is even more impressive. Thousands of small lights added to the magic of the Ferris wheel will definitely get you in the mood for more rides. You might even notice the lights patterns on this ride that, from a certain point of view, create a dazzling star. You might come to La Ronde for thrill rides but we guarantee you will find a spot in your schedule for this classic ride. .

A minimum of 2 riders per gondolas is required.

By The Numbers

Vekoma International BV
Year introduced:
148 feet
Wheel diameter:
139 feet
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
Less than 91.4 cm (36") with adult
Location in Park: 

Near the Catapulte

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