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Ednör, La Ronde’s terrifying local hero will propel you upside down!

Until now, humans have only scratched the surface as for their knowledge of all these mysterious creatures living in the depth of the oceans. According to many people, those creatures are ferocious monsters ruling the undersea world. In fact, even à La Ronde, we are aware that a scary beast – one that locals call Ednör – lives in the depth of our magnificent Lac des Dauphins. The gigantic suspended looping roller coaster near the lake seems to be a tribute to this deep water monster.

You’ll probably be too busy at holding on to your seat to look for sea monsters when the roller coaster propels you, legs dangling, at an impressive 33-metre height. You’ll instantly feel the ferocious power of Ednör when it will make a steep turn, just over the lake.

And this is only the beginning. Next, you will experience the dreadful spiral of the king snake eel. You’ll find yourself upside down twice while the roller coaster makes a scary, complete turn. Then the train makes a vertical half-loop, turns like a wild corkscrew before making a nose-down loop. Did we mention that this loop is in the form of a gigantic king sea eel’s head? Thought it was obvious!

At this point that you’re not sick of all those snakes because you’re about to be swept along in a spectacular loop in the form of a rattlesnake! This rattlesnake consists in one half inverted loop followed by a half corkscrew. It’s sure at this point that passengers are totally disorientated when the train goes through double helix similar to the DNA symbol before making the last set of somersaults that resembles the tail of a snake.

Congratulations, you have succeeded at facing a legend and have therefore become one yourself!

Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

132.1 cm (52")

Flash Pass

Goes Upside Down
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