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Knock knock! Who's there? Dragon. Dragon who? Drag on your feet again?

Come aboard this incredible steel roller coaster with your best friends and family. Make sure you're not afraid of the dark because a Dragon lives inside an old castle at La Ronde. Did you just say..a dragon? You might have tought they all disappeared long time ago. However, here at La Ronde, one of them is still alive and awaits the next best knight to fight against!

In these dark tunnels you got yourself into, you will experience high-speed, many turns and bumpy hills! Do you remember what your "Tame a dragon" textbook says about taming Canadian dragons? You might leave your books at home on your next visit to La Ronde because our Dragon is not the taming type! It is okay to be scared. Not so many explorers nor knights actually won against the Dragon! Will you be the one?

The experience on this ride is totally different from any other roller coaster you tried before! You won't believe it until you get into this dark fortress. The sound and light effects inside the building will blow your mind. Chills and scary moments guaranteed.

As you're diving into a world of incredible adventures inside the castle you will then be surrounded by a thick fog cloud followed by a strobe lights festival. Are these skeletons? Those must be the unlucky knights who tried to beat the Dragon before you did!

By The Numbers

Intamin AG
Year introduced:
34,8 feet
Track Length:
970 feet
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

106,7 cm (42") with adult
Location in Park: 

Near the Catapulte

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