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Disco Ronde

Great music and nice dance moves aboard Disco Ronde!

Get ready to be tossed around! Everyone on the dance floor while the DJ gets ready to make you move! All party music lovers will be delighted by the playlist we have made up. Step on the the dance floor and pick out a disco ball. Some of them definitely look faster than others. There’s room for you and a friend on each disco ball, then hang on tight, because the party is about to begin! Watch your parents and friends going back to the beats from the 70s to the early 00s! Disco Ronde is a wonderful ride that will sparkle your eyes up when comes the night. Look at all these lights! It will get you into the mood for more music! Who's going to be the next disco queen?

By The Numbers

Manufacturier :
Huss North American Parts Inc.
Year introduced:
66 feet
Number of cars:
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

111.8 cm (44") with adult
Location in Park: 

Near Vol Ultime

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