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Bateau Pirate

Get tossed around like a ship on the stormy seas!

Arrr matey! Climb aboard the swift wooden pirate ship, Bateau Pirate, and take a rip-roaring voyage across the open ocean through the high seas. It looks like smooth sailing when you first board this beautifully carved traditional tiki boat, but once you take your seat on the deck of this vessel, you’ll set sail to breathtaking heights and be tossed high and low as if you were lost at sea!

Just like the ancient fishermen who used boats like this to cross the waves, you’re going to face the wild and unpredictable movement of the sea. The long boat begins to swing back and forth, gaining momentum as it crests higher and higher, until you’re surging up as high as a tidal wave! You’ll swing higher and higher into the air until the whole vessel is practically vertical, like you’re being pushed around by some serious untamed waves. Hold onto your paddles and get ready for sheer weightlessness as you hang in the air for a moment, before slamming back down and swinging up the next wild wave with stomach-tightening momentum.

Remember, brave pirates aren’t supposed to scream! This unstoppable velocity would make even the toughest sailor consider walking the plank. But if you’re daring enough, a life of adventure awaits.

By The Numbers

Huss Maschinenfabrik co.
Year introduced:
Top Speed:
8 rounds/minute
66 feet
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

121.9 cm (48")
Location in Park: 

Near the Condor

Flash Pass

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