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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
New Jersey

Attractions by Height

Don’t wait until you get to the park. Check our attraction height requirements ahead of time!

Name of Attraction Description Minimum Heightsort descending Additional Info
Caribbean Cove

Splash into fun with the Caribbean Cove water play area!

None None
Blue Lagoon

This ship-swallowing 696,000 gallon wave pool makes king-sized waves in an ocean of fun.

Calypso Springs

Cool off in this 100,000 gallon activity pool!

Taak It Eez Ee Creek

Take a relaxing and scenic raft cruise down a lazy river, past beautiful trees and under magical bridges.

Discovery Bay

Little kids come first in this huge shallow water playground, with plenty of ways to slide and climb!

42 inches Maximum height 48 inches Pirate Ship, 54 inches Bucket Slides and Treehouse Slide
Big Wave Racer

Multiple lanes of aero-dynamically designed slides stretch over 1,800 feet and several steep drops.

Big Bambu and Reef Runner

Ride family sized rafts down your choice of two slides, but either way you are facing a six story drop!

Hurricane Mountain

Face gale force excitement from five stories up, with four swift tube slides and two turbo toboggan runs.

Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus and Nortus

On these four high-speed tube slides named after Greek gods, you’ll have an epic good time!


Raft down a 132 foot tunnel into the mouth of a gigantic funnel in the world’s most original water rush.

Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls

Your own body is quicker than any raft on these adrenaline spiking slides, including a fearsome 75 foot drop!

Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom!

This three slide complex offers rides to suit your personal style, whether smooth, fast, swervy, or all three!