Large groups at Frontier City

Fun Day Outing for 100+

For those who choose not to have a catered buffet, our representatives can put together a Fun Day package with discounted admission for your group on the date of your choice. You can also consider offering meal voucher options or in-park money. We'll provide you with an exciting and (just as important) affordable way to provide your group with an adventure they won't forget.

Only at Frontier City can you share thrills on Wildcat, family fun at Timbertown, and screams on Brain Drain — a truly unique experience. Nothing will boost office morale more than sharing a ride on Diamondback or classics like the Grand Centennial Carousel.

Bring a group of  100 or more and save BIG. Not only will your company benefit from this incredible discount, you will too, as our professional account executives do all the work and provide promotional materials like posters and brochures, plus deliver your tickets in advance.

You can even customize your Fun Day with a wide range of extras like pre-paid parking, meal vouchers, souvenirs, discounted photo vouchers or a private show. You name it, you get it.

Private Events

Large groups can even plan the ultimate getaway with a buyout of the entire park. Enjoy exclusive, private access to the park for a truly unique and unforgettable experience – all for often less than the regular admission price. For more information, call 405-478-2140 x214 or Email [email protected]