New coaster May 2010. Your Nightmare Begins.

The story

On March 30th, a mysterious creature has emerged from Lac des Dauphins at La Ronde and traumatized two workmen at a new rollercoaster construction site, Dany Gauthier and Steve Saint-Louis. Suffering from shock, the two men have not been able to provide much detail about the incident; however, they claim that the creature escaped Lac des Dauphins through an underwater tunnel before retreating into the St. Lawrence River.

A short video found on one of the workmen’s cell phone shows evidence of a creature that is much larger than anything known to occupy these waters. (Watch the video online) La Ronde called on the public to share all relevant information on its Facebook page. In efforts to solicit the opinion of cryptozoologists from across the world, La Ronde has also placed a video along with the picture taken by one of the workmen on his cell phone online on YouTube and on its Facebook page.

Hundreds of comments and hypotheses have appeared on Facebook and have been reviewed by La Ronde’s Special Inquiries Bureau; among them were insightful remarks by a Scandinavian cryptozoologist, who (like many thousands of people around the world) has seen images of the monster on Youtube. The description of the creature provided by the workmen and the monster’s estimated size and way of moving have led the cryptozoologist to connect the recent strange events at Lac des Dauphins with EDNÖR, a creature from Nordic lore.

EDNÖR, states the specialist, is a sea monster that fought the Vikings off the coast of Newfoundland around the year 1000. Its disappearance, following several days of fierce fighting, was a matter of much doubt in its day. It now appears that the creature fled westward to the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River. After years of roaming, it reached Montréal, where the Lachine Rapids prevented it from continuing its progress deeper into the continent. Currently, it is difficult to say how the monster ended up in Lac des Dauphins at La Ronde or to speculate on the underwater or underground tunnel that the creature seems to use to travel from the lake to the river and back, as it did on that now infamous evening of March 30.

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